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The beginning of medical education in Lubliniec is connected with the foundation of the Basic Medical School of Psychiatric Nursery Assistants for employees.  The school mentioned above started its activity in October 1961. The whole pedagogical staff was responsible for organization of extra-school occupations, the development of cultural and entertaining life of pupils, forming the aesthetic sensitivity and cultural habits, organization of school events and ceremonies.

In 1962 the Basic Medical School of General Nursery Assistants for employees was opened. During the existence of the Basic Medical School 81 psychiatric nursery assistants left it.

Medical Secondary School of Nursery for employees ( 1965 - 1970)

On 1st September 1965 Medical Secondary School of Nursery for employees started. The creation of the possibility of getting secondary professional and general education by the school leavers or other people who gained education recognized as an equivalent, was the main aim of that school.

Apart from theoretical classes, there were two months of professional apprenticeship, during which schoolgirls improved their abilities.

From the very beginning of existence our school worked on behalf of its surroundings. The future assistants learnt how to help ill people, and the cooperation with the local hospital made it possible to realize those goals.

Medical Professional Post Secondary School with the Psychiatric Nursery Department (1973 - 1977)

From the beginning of 70`s our school established contact with the military unit quartering in Lubliniec. There is probably no school leaver who wouldn`t remember dancing evenings, first infatuations, love and shed tears. For many years the joined dancing and discos brought joy for both the soldiers and our schoolgirls. Of course they may have been less attractive for the teachers who took responsibility for them.

In the years 1977 - 1985 cooperation with the school environment developed. Some of the evenings were still devoted to music and dances. The teachers and students joint their efforts in organization of Child`s Day and picnics for the children of the Medical Service workers.

Combined trips for potato lifting were organized. School Red Cross Club started its energetic activity.

The Medical School Complex in Lubliniec as an independent educational establishment. (1985 -2001)

From the very beginning of Medical Secondary School voluntary service developed. Our school came into contact with the Association of People with Disabilities. Our students helped pupils with special needs - organizing meetings, parties, preparing small gifts and treats.

We started cooperation with the Social Welfare House „Zameczek” (castellated minor) from the first moment it came into being. The volunteers spent many hours with children under their charge, giving rise to smile on their faces. The cooperation mentioned hasn`t ended yet. We help in the Environmental Common Room „Mrowisko” („Ant – Hill”). We have also made contact with the House of Temporary Stay and the pediatric ward of the local hospital.

As a medical school we have started promotion of healthy lifestyle in different educational institutions. Introduction of a new educational subject - The Child`s Guardianresulted in extension of the range of our activities. We entered into cooperation with nursery schools and a crèche.

Our students willingly worked over scenarios of plays for children, which not only were to entertain the little ones but also to promote healthy lifestyle among them.

Students from our visited a prison for women offenders where they prepared both programmes connected with Christmas Eve and those showing the world of ethical values and inducing reflection on life.

The meetings mentioned were difficult, yet they gave us a lot of satisfaction. Our cooperation will be continued and now also the women prisoners visit our school in order to present their own programmes – very deep, touching, saying about the search for right, truth, about attempts of escaping from decadence. At the same time we started cooperation with orphanage in Ciasna. Our first visit there took place on the occasion of Santa Claus.

In 2002 innovation concerning the cooperation with parents were introduced. We prepare performances presenting difficult youth problems, their relationship with peers and family. We invite parents to take part in discussions and jointly look for the reasons of difficulties in learning. Our other enterprises include: organisation of Olympic Games for disabled and a happening „A Day without Cigarette”. We also joined the nationwide actions called „Great Orchestra of Festive Help” and „A Noble Parcel”.

Our students acquire the competence of discussion taking part in annual school debates.

In 2010 we organised the action „ Let`s Stop Violence” which was joined by all secondary schools in Lubliniec and the Psychological – Educational Information Bureau.

We also develop cooperation with the district Centre of Help for Family, Municipal Welfare Centre, Committee for the Child`s Rights Protection and other institutions in our town. We join all enterprises organised by them, which try to help people in needs.

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